Porch Crawl 2023 – This Weekend!

Get ready for a great time this weekend with five stops from Belmont to Llano starting at 5:00 pm and ending at 10:00 pm.

You can see the flyer and stops here (click for larger version):

You can sign in and sign up for BACD information here or use the QR code below.

Big thanks to our sponsors!

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Exploratory Committee – Volunteers Needed

There has been a lot of discussion over the last year about the need for a more structured way of handling our neighborhood events, fundraising activities, local school support programs, etc. Up to now, we have been successful in working with ad hoc committees for everything from Fall Party to Tree Planting. But as the participation level has increased, some have felt left out and some have expressed the need for wider participation and a greater level of accountability. A small group of us recently got together to explore ways to bring the broader neighborhood into the discussion. After some thought, we are proposing the creation of a temporary Exploratory Committee of volunteers to look into this more in depth. The recommendation could range from creating an incorporated nonprofit with bylaws and a board (similar to the Friends of Tietze Park Association) to making no change and keeping things the way they are. Or it might settle on simply bringing back the designated street captains that we used to have. There is no predetermined outcome in mind, and this is only a temporary committee which will dissolve once its work is done.

The Committee will:
– Meet twice a month over three months to discuss ideas via virtual conferences or an environment that provides safe social distancing
– Gather input from the neighborhood
– Educate itself on how other neighborhood organizations are structured
– Develop and present a proposal to the neighborhood
– Define next steps to implement if approved by the neighborhood

The Committee will NOT:
– Make any final decisions about neighborhood issues
– Look at or consider any changes to the CD Ordinance
– Consider any type of mandatory HOA
– Be a forum to bring up unrelated pet issues and projects
– Be a temporary “board” that will take over later

What we need:
– We are looking for 10 to 15 volunteers to begin meeting in January with a commitment to produce recommendations by the end of March. The group should be small enough to remain productive but big enough to reflect some diverse opinions.
– We’d like to see 2 volunteers per street (not from the same household).
– If there are too many volunteers for one street, we will ask for that group to decide among themselves before we take additional steps such as drawing names or voting.
– Deadline to volunteer is November 20, 2020

– You have lived in the BACD for at least one year and attended at least one BACD function.
– You need to bring an open mind and a positive attitude. Past divisions in the neighborhood need to be left at home.
– You are available to attend regular meetings January to March via zoom or in a safe socially distanced environment.
– You should have a mindset toward planning and organization, and aren’t afraid of details.

If you’re interested in being a volunteer on this committee, please email us at info@belmontconservation.com before November 20, 2020. In your message, please include your full contact info: Name, Address, Phone and Email. Once volunteers are in place, we’ll post the list and contact information for all the committee members so that anyone who wishes to weigh in will know how to reach the members of the group.

We hope to make this discussion as inclusive as possible while still remaining productive. Any and all suggestions are welcome not only on the topic of the neighborhood organization, but also on how the process can be more inclusive.

Thank you from your neighbors,

Teri Harper
Zach Howard
Kristen Scholer
Darren Dattalo

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Porch Crawl 2020 On Hold

With the current situation with the coronavirus, the CDC is recommending no group events greater than 50 people until at least mid May.  That means Porch Crawl will not happen on April 25 as planned.  The planning team will regroup towards the beginning of May and make a decision whether we want to do a summer event of just cancel for this year. Please stay tuned for more details.

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Fall Party 2019 – November 3rd

Greetings Belmontonians!  Don’t forget to save the date for this year’s Fall Party.

Place: Corner of Delmar & Velasco
Time: 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Date: Nov. 3, 2019

Fall Party is a great way to meet your neighbors and support your neighborhood. The majority of our proceeds go to support Geneva Heights Elementary. Continue reading

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Porch Crawl 2019 – THIS WEEKEND


Please join us this Saturday for Porch Crawl 2019! The date this year is April 13th.

Each street in BACD hosts the neighborhood for an hour. We drink, snack, and mingle. When the hour is up, we move in mass to the next street. We will start on Belmont again this year and make our way to Llano. This year’s theme is Belmont Goes To The Movies.

WHEN:  April 13, 2019    6 pm to 11 pm

COST:  Suggested donation of $10 per person. For your $10, you will receive a BACD wine glass or beer glass and an evening full of fun.  This is not a fundraiser, these donations cover the cost of the event.
For those of you who are new to Porch Crawl, we start on the first street, drink, nosh and socialize for an hour, and then move to the next street and do it all over again.  That’s 5 full hours of fun! Start on Belmont or hop in along the way!

The event is rain or shine, so if it looks like rain, grab your rain gear (we have yet to have anyone melt!).



Greenville Ave Pizza Company
Darren Dattalo, REALTOR
504 Bar and Grill
Rockstar Bake Shop
Marla Pittman, Esq.
Times Ten Cellars
Val’s Cheesecakes
Sam’s Club Now
Joe Marshall, Marshall Law
Slater’s 50/50

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Fall Party 2018 Coming November 4th

Image may contain: nature

Sunday Nov 4th  1-5pm
Delmar & Palo Pinto

Join your BACD neighbors for food, fun, and music at our annual Fall Party social and fundraising event featuring:


Proceeds benefit neighborhood improvement projects and local schools.

Continue reading

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Goliad Thanks Volunteers and Sponsors for Porch Crawl 2018!

Go-Go Goliad could not have happened without the contributions of many, including the following:

  • Cash donations from the Wilderman Family, De and Steve Swift, Peggy and Jack Turlington, Jamie and Brooks Cannon, Kevin and Rebecca Bailey, the Samart Family, Anne Sparks, and Jennifer Galarza and Casey Smith.
  • Donations of food, drink, and time from Kevin and Rebecca Bailey, Jeff Oestreich, Tom and Caitlyn Colosky, Kenneth Hamburger, Blane Balch and Harley Cozewith, Margaret Muir, Darren Dattalo, De and Steve Swift, and Mayer Danzig.
  • Our wonderful live band, Owen Swift and the Modernists.
  • Our hosts, of course!  Joe and Julie Marshall.
Thank you all for your contributions toward a successful event!
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Belmont Thanks Volunteers and Sponsors for Porch Crawl 2018!

Belmont’s efforts in 2018’s Porch Crawl wouldn’t have been possible without many volunteers, including the following:

  • Kristin Scholer and Zach Howard—our awesome Hosts—contributed cash towards the event and countless hours in preparation—hat decorating, food prep, house/yard decorating, and so much more!
  • Bob Perrillo – Our artist extraordinaire (Boblo Picasso) for our photo op horse and jockey and also for donating and distributing water for all streets.
  • Kristina Corcoran and family for money donation.
  • Will Rainey and family for money donation.
  • Geyden and Barry Sage for money donation and countless hours in preparation—hat decorating, food prep, house/yard decoration and volunteer coordination.
  • Lara and Steve Davis for money donation and hours of assistance in preparation of all kinds.
  • Kristi Dietz-Divin for money donation and hours of assistance in food preparation.
  • Judy and Pat Ongena for helping out (again) with the sign in table.
  • Jim Sorg for being the man with coolers and the ice (again).
  • Mark Gilcrease for being the man with the music and set up so we could all hear it!

Belmont and the rest of BACD appreciate you!

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Palo Pinto Thanks Volunteers and Sponsors for Porch Crawl 2018!

Palo Pinto Thank You

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Velasco Thanks Volunteers and Sponsors for Porch Crawl 2018!

BIG thanks to the following sponsors, without whom our part in this year’s Porch Crawl would not have been possible:

  • Slater’s 50/50, Terilli’s, Rockstar Bakeshop, and Jimmy’s Food Store generously donated our food items.

We had many volunteers!  Here are just a few of them:

  • Thanks to Doug and Margaret Apgar who donated our poker visors for our block.
  • Thanks to Michelle and Walter Johns who helped with decor, setup, and creating our specialty shot in Elvis’s honor!
  • BIG thanks to Bri and Carl Zayac who donated time and money toward the bulk of our decorations, in spite of the fact that they were out of town for the event!
  • Thanks to Teri Harper and David White for running our table games during our hour.  Teri designed and painted our Viva Velasco sign!
  • Thanks to Lee Attaway for lending his cooler and providing ice to keep our beverages cold!
  • Thanks to Elisa Attaway and Erin Clark for manning the check-in table during the event.
  • And last but certainly not least – thanks to our hosts Charlie and Amanda Floyd!  Our block’s success is tied directly to your hospitality.
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