Porch Crawl 2014 Coming April 12!



Mark your calendars for Porch Crawl 2014: April 12, 2014! This year, each street will host a different themed bar. Visit your local Honky Tonk on Velasco, a Tiki Bar on Palo Pinto, a Biker Bar on Goliad and a German Bier Garden on Belmont.

A BIG THANKS to Sara Wick for chairing the committee.

Starting at 6:00pm at the first house on Llano, we will continue with a stop at each house every hour.  Last year, we had well over 100 people turnout throughout the night.  We hope to see you there!


6pm  6018 Llano – Mexican Cantina
7pm  5914 Velasco – Sports Bar
8pm 5729 Palo Pinto – Beach Bar
9pm  5919 Goliad – Biker Bar
10pm 5912 Belmont – Bier Garden


Local Businesses:  Desperado’s, Chef’s Produce, Times Ten Winery, Blind Butcher, WalMart, Trader Joe’s, Desparado’s & Blue Goose

BACD Residents:  Cindy & Paul Obermyer, Kelly Boyington, Cesar & Elizabeth Canizales, Tony Bricker, Marla Pittman & Mark Gilcrease, Elley Spangler. Terri Harper & David White, Megan Zeissler, Scott & April Sykes, Dione & Will Rainey

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