BACD Ordinance

The Ordinance is the legal document that sets out the zoning requirements implemented by the creation of our Conservation District and includes all amendments through November 2021:  Belmont CD12_Stamped Ordinance_11-10-21. Please note that certain other parts of the Dallas City Code are references in the BACD Ordinance, so you may need to reference those as well, depending on your project.

This Conceptual Plan and Appendices supplement the Ordinance and provide historical information about the formation of our Conservation District, reference materials,  and explanations of the terms used in the Ordinance:   ConceptPlan2

We’ve also put together this quick summary (but of course, the actual city ordinances control):   OrdinanceSummaryPDF

For information on the Dallas code for Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) please the the ADU Ordinance.