Conservation District Review Form

This is the form that the City Staff will need in order to approve work.  To contact City Staff, you can go to the City of Dallas website for Conservation Districts.

Download the CD Review Form Here

For simple changes, the city is usually very quick to approve changes and may not require more than a written description of the work to be done along with this form, which they may agree to accept via fax or email.  For more significant alterations, such as additions, new garages and extensive remodeling, the City will require large print, to-scale drawings along with this form, and depending on the scope of work, may require additional information like an engineer review letter or verification of compliance with the City’s green building standards.

Conservation District review is required before the City will issue a permit.  Permits are required for all exterior modifications, including new roofs, painting, fences and certain landscape projects (like retaining walls).